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Emerging Technology

America has no textile or fashion industry. Most of the materials used were imported from abroad. The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of technological advances in textile and apparel production. ?The modern textile industry, which enabled more fabrics to be produced in less time, began in England with John Kay?s development of the flying shuttle in 1733, James Hargreaves? invention of the spinning jenny in 1764, Richard Arkwright?s water frame in 1769, and Edmund Cartwright?s power loom in 1785? (?fashion from concept to consumer? 8). More and More factories started to pop up over the nation having a vertical operation: completing textile production from raw cotton fiber to finished cloth. ?By 1847, more Americans worked in textiles than in any other industry? (?fashion from concept to consumer? 9).
Textile mills began to produce cloth in America. With even more factories becoming aggrandized, people now had access to more jobs. Now that everyone is working, it created a middle class with money to spend on the luxuries of life, including better clothing. ?Money gave the new middle class power, not only in business and society, but also to influence fashion trends,? (?fashion from concept to consumer? 9). Fashion became a symbol, a way to show off wealth.

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