You Can Take the Slave Out
Of Slavery but You Can’t Take Slavery
Out of the Slave
There is a famous quote that I always hear people say, and it states, “You can change the player, but the game remains the same (Unkown).” This quote is commonly used by females to explain, even though males may come in different colors, shapes, forms, and sizes, they have the same intensions. In my own opinion, that same quote can apply to racial inequality, mainly known as racism. The reason I applied this quote to racism is, no matter how equal the media and other sources say America is, it is not. No matter how many black friends a white person has there are still white people who dislike blacks, and vice versa. Lastly, everyday a child and or children somewhere in America is being taught strong hatred for people not of their race, and the cycle continues. Even though racism is not as prominent and as blunt as it once was, it will never end.
Society has come a long ways in terms of racial equality, racism, and prejudice; society for the most part has come together as one and overlook the color of one another’s skin. It is rare to see someone refused service because he or she is a certain color, and there are plenty other of examples. However, even though the majority of the country is together as one, there is still that small fraction of whites who hate black and vice versa, Hispanics who hate Asians and vice versa. That small is what hinders the full equality, the peace, the togetherness, and the love of all races. No matter how society tries to hide the fact racism is still in existence and is still affecting lives through mass media, it still lurks around the United States. For that small fraction of people who continue acts of racism it is not their fault, nurture plays a major role. No one is born racist, no is born hating blacks, no one is born hating whites, no one is born hating Hispanics, and no one is born hating Asians. This is all something that is taught with in the home, which in turn effects the United States ever ridding itself of racism and racial inequality.
The person I am today is not because I was born this way, young man I am today is because of the guidance, and the constant teaching learning and teaching from my mother, father, grandmother, and life experiences. For the most part, I did not choose to be the way I am, I was taught to be this way. The same way I was taught to be who I am is the same way racist become racist, they were taught and bred that way, not born. The way each of us are as individuals is a for the most part a clear reflection of our parents and our environment. Those who are racists today will teach their kids how to be racist as well, and those kids will teach their kids, and it will continue throughout that generation. With that being said, as long as racists continue to preach and teach racist behavior racism will never come to an end
When I see someone, yes, I see that person for what skin color; however I do not treat him or her a certain way because of it. I treat that person the way anyone would want to be treated, with respect. I believe we should judge and treat people according to the content of their character and not the color of their skin (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Racism has destroyed this land and will continue to destroy the land. This is not a problem that can be fix, it will continue until the world ends, especially because of the constant teachings of racism and acts of racism being done to one another. Will racism ever come to an end, no I do not think so, but I pray that it does