ESOL 0382
Prof. Marceau
November 15. 2015
Writing Task #5 (a job you want)
First, you need to think about what you are good at. Usually the things we love are the things we are good at. Research the fields and options that best deal with those interests so you can spend your time at work doing things that you enjoy. To begin, you can start off by simply researching job titles online. Second, talk to people who work in a variety of jobs. This will give you a better sense of what certain jobs entail. Many communities offer job fairs that can be found on your local city website. These are great opportunities to ask questions. You can ask friends or family members about their experiences too. Third, spend time job shadowing. Job shadowing is a career evaluation activity that allows you the chance to spend time with a professional currently working in a particular career field. You can see what itís really like working in a certain job. Fourth, take a career personality test. There are many free tests on the web that will psychoanalyze your mind to help narrow down interesting jobs for you. These tests are designed to provide you with specific jobs that fit your unique interests and ultimately help you down a career path. You may even see jobs you didn't know existed be recommended to you. Finally, think about the lifestyle that is important to you. If you see yourself having a more lavish lifestyle, or one filled with travel, you may want to seek out a higher paying job. Look at the salary and wage averages for the jobs you are considering to decide if they will provide you the type of lifestyle you are looking for.