PROMPT: It has been said that a positive attitude is the key to success in life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement about the importance of attitude? Take a position on this issue. Support your response with reasons and specific examples.
I agree with the statement that a positive attitude is the key to success in life. Not only does a positive attitude lead to greater success, it also makes it easier to gain inner peace, better health, improved relationships, happiness, and satisfaction. Our world isnít perfect and itís not an easy task for anyone to survive and live a content life. People struggle each day in order to achieve their goals and to be successful; every person has their own set of problems and challenges that they must face and overcome. The only way to defeat obstacles in life is to keep persevering and staying determined. The power and force that drives people is their attitude or how they perceive things. If people always keep a positive outlook in life by believing in your own abilities and spreading positivity to others, they will eventually be able to reach their destination and achieve their desired goals to become successful.
During times of failure or difficulties, itís crucial to always think positive and believe in your own abilities. People who are successful always think positive about achieving their targets, even during problematic times, and donít let negative thoughts pass through their minds. In order to become successful, one must not give up easily and keep fighting to the end regardless of the current or upcoming obstacles that they encounter. Failure and making mistakes is inevitable. For example, when a student fails a quiz, they canít spend the rest of their year beating themselves up it. That student must learn from what they did wrong and find better ways to improve in their studies. They canít feel discouraged and give just because of one mistake. They have to believe themselves and keeping reminding themselves that if they work harder and find better study methods, it wonít happen again. People need to believe in themselves and always remind themselves that anything is possible, as long as you work for it. Nothing is impossible and if you truly try to accomplish something, it will be completed.
People need to keep in mind that positive thinking is contagious. Others around you sense your mental mood and are affected accordingly. Just like when people tell you to avoid people with negative thinking, itís the same thing. Being negative causes others to feel discouraged and can make you feel tired psychologically. However, if you continue to think optimistically, it will cause others to like you and want to help you because they enjoy the vibrations that a positive mind emits. When someone arrives to work every day with a smile on their face and ready to work, is sets a positive and motivated environment. When that person focuses on getting their work done is always cheerful at their workplace, their positive attitude acts as a domino effect. Their optimism affects others by making them feel happy and want to do the same. When you are cheerful and a positive thinker who always looks on the positive side of life, it encourages you and your objectives can be achieved more easily. In order to make positive thinking yield results, one must develop a positive attitude towards life, expect a successful outcome of whatever you do, and take any necessary actions to ensure success.
Some people say that being too positive or optimistic about the future calms you down and can drain you of the energy you need to pursuit your goals. They believe that too much positive thinking can fool our minds into thinking that weíve already attained our goal, which slackens our effort to pursue it. They oppose that just because positive attitude is pleasurable, doesnít mean that itís always good for us. For example, if someone is trying to get their admission into a college, they have to work hard to get in. But if that student is always saying how theyíll definitely get accepted, it might make their mind set on the belief that they have the 100% chance of making