Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson
-Born in Virginia in 1856 and raised in the South
- Democratic president whose election in 1912 ushered in a second wave of progressive reforms on the national level served as US president until 1921.
New Nationalism, New Freedom
Central to Theodore Roosevelt’s Campaign was a scheme Called “___________ ____________” which envisioned an era of national unity in which government would coordinate and regulate economic activity.
Wilsons proposal , the “__________ ___________ “ was more idealistic. He argued that concentrated power threatened individual liberty and that monopolizes should be broken to ensure a free market place.
Federal Trade commission
This agency was formed in 1914 to ensure fair trade and practices.
Underwood Tariff 1913
This encouraged importation of cheaper foreign goods..
Federal Reserve Act 1913
This established the nations first banking system since 1836.
Adamson Act 1916
A United States federal law passed in 1916 that established an eight-hour workday, with additional pay for overtime work, for interstate railroad workers
Clayton Anti-Trust Act