God created everything so perfect, at His image and took the time to give marvelous details to each creature. From the smallest animal that itís ever been found, to the gigantism creatures that astonish every manís eye, Godís creation is more than amazingly formed. There are plenty creatures that are interesting to learn about, but spiders are one of those creatures that delight anyone whose desire is to appreciate Godís wonderful work. There are three special kinds of spiders that are wonderful created which are the wolf spider, the black and yellow garden spider (or the zipper spider), and the araneomorphae (also called the labidognatha).
The first incredible spider is the wolf spider. This spiders is about 3.5 centimeters body size and they consist of eight eyes that are arranged in three rows. Four small eyes are at the bottom, two large ones in the middle which distinguishes them from other species, and two medium size at the top row. According to the book, Spiders and Their Kin (Levi 1921), Wolf spiders carry their egg in a unique way by attaching their egg sac in their back until the eggs hatch. Another special characteristic this spiders have is that they will waive their legs and dance before their mates with the purpose to be chosen for mate. In addition, the male will wrap an insect in his silk to give to the female and if the female chooses not to eat the male but the insect instead, then they will mate. The female may still decide to eat the male before he gets away.
The second incredible spider is the black and yellow garden spider (or the zipper spider). This fantastic spiderís body size is from 0.20 in to 0.35 in for males and 0.75 in to 1.10in for females. According to the book, Spiders and Their Kin (Levi 1921), it has been recorded that the zipper spider can make up to seven different kind of webbing. The most interesting thing is that the zipper spider shoots out streamers of webs in the air and wait for the wind to catch them and use it to travel to any random place they decide to go. People have found this spiders about 15000 feet up in the air.
The third and last is the labidognatha, also called araneomorphae. The labidognatha are a suborder of spiders. They are distinguished by other spiders due to their fangs are oppose to each other and cross shape in a gripping action. The labidognatha, according to the book, Spiders and Their Kin (Levi 1921), they are the most common spiders in earth that they are found even in the Arctic.
The zipper spider, the wolf spider, and the labidognatha spider are wonderful creatures made by God. To have a better understanding of Godís power and his mighty work, these creatures are greatest examples that we can used to study to close experience of the love of God through His creation.

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