“Why are u wearing so much makeup?” “You don’t need makeup,” “why do you over line your lips with lip liner?” “Why do you wear makeup everyday?” Questions like these are conflicting girls everywhere. We can’t be so ignorant as to believe we can determine a woman’s confidence level based upon the colors of her eyelids. There’s an assumption women who choose to wear makeup do so because they have poor self-images, any woman who wears makeup “needs” to in order to feel beautiful. But, what about the women who simply want to wear makeup?

Economically people are making a living by talking about makeup and reviewing new products everyday. Makeup brands look to beauty bloggers to promote their products everyday through social media. On average, ladies shop for make-up five times a year, spending around $39.45 on each trip. When multiplied by 65 years, the average female adult life that gives $13,000. Specifically: $ 1,620 on a lifetime of lipstick, $ 2,512 on eye shadow, and $3,446 on mascara. (Douglas) The makeup industry is growing more and more every single day. Started out with some lipstick and blush now it’s all about contouring and highlighting.

Women who are confident with makeup and simply like wearing loads of makeup in result are criticized heavily for it. People like to celebrate those who don’t wear makeup as if they turned down hard drugs instead of concealer. “Men prefer women who wear less makeup” (time magazine). Men are criticizing women, for example “take your girl swimming on the first date” implying to wash away the deceivement of makeup (Twitter). As women we should be wearing makeup for ourselves not to impress anyone else. Many girls come into beauty stores asking consultants “how to cover up this” or “get rid of that,” when really makeup is a way to emphasize the beauty we already have. (Sephora training)

At the end of the day no one feels good about being mean to people who wear makeup. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism but the hatred needs to stop. For the people who continue to put themselves out there on the Internet, they understand the hate comments will never stop. "I feel like a lot of people forget that I have blood in my veins," Beauty Blogger Jaclyn Hill says, "I cry when I\'m sad, I bleed when I get cut, and I\'m a real person." But as viewers we need to understand that there’s more to the life that’s being showcased on a little screen or picture. The only real solution is to keep spreading positivity everyday, which is a hard mental thing to do. “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” In result, this solution can also help cyber bullying overall.