When I arrived to college, I was very eager and excited to start school and having the opportunity to be away from my mother, and living the independent life I desired. But as I approach the weeks into the college life, and gaining an insight in terms of the role you have to potentially play as a college student, which portrays the adulthood. College life carries all of the responsibilities just like commentary adult. I thought I was ready for the college life until I encountered many responsibilities as an adult. On the other hand, not having my parent assistance. I have to provide for myself while in college..
First day I came to my school, I walk through the clear shaped, black window of Indiana State University. I felt very welcomed. I was preparing for an appearance to walk into my dorm room. I enter the build with a cheesy, bright white smile that made a representative glanced back, as I walk smoothly up the stair. As I passes several rooms, I get closer to minds, making my smile even wider because of the excitement of living the college life I desire. So after moving of my things, I introduced myself to some freshmen inside of my dorms. I wanted to make new friends, and when I had that chance I did not intend to let it go. I ended up hanging out with those guys for long period of time. Things were starting to get excited.
The next couple of days, we decide to go out to a party that was hosted near our school. The party was consider to be one of the greatest welcome back party for college students. I was frankly urged to attend that party, and when I did—I got arrested for drinking underage. I was sent to a police station behind black and gray cell bars with the accommodation of a cold white toilet on the wall. I insisted calling my Mother or Father to bomb me out. Unfortunately, they did want to because of the poor decision I made, and the responsibility I should be accountable for myself. That was one of the scariest moments in my lifetime. Not having the support of my parents after encountering adversity in my life. However, eventually my parents bonded me out, and informed that they are no longer providing for me. This was a major shock for me. I did not anticipated this to happen to me.
The next week, I woke up in an ideal world, wishing everything was just a myth. I delighted to have freedom, and allow to go back to college. But living on my own was not intriguing. One of the main thing I had to do was find a job and manage my money, which was something I was not good at doing. Since I am independent college student, I had to provide for myself such car note, cell phone, clothes, hygiene products that was needed on a daily basis, etc. I had to take initiative to supply for myself.
As a result to my problem, I learned to become more self-reliant individual, and develop the ability to make wise decision independently. I realized taking care of myself allowed me to become more advanced for the “adult world” and effective adult.