What makes you an all-star at your HBCU?

Helping someone even when there is no personal benefit to me. Dedicating myself to the highest academic standards. Exemplifying courage when it comes to representing students and my school. This is what being an HBCU all-star at Howard University means to me. I am committed to impacting my school and leaving it better than I found it.

My passion when it comes to civic engagement is one that I let my work ethic display for me. Choosing to do things for the greater good of others, I choose to think less about myself and my wants and more about others. As a former Associate in the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence, I learned the importance of selflessness in public service.

Education has always been important to me. My grandparents and parents taught me that an education is more valuable than gold. As a junior, I have maintained a 3.88 GPA and remained on the Dean's List for three consecutive years.

As President of the School of Communications Student Council, I knew there were many issues that plagued students. I used my skills and talents to be a force to help lessen those problems. As a leader, I served the students in order to better my school and the university as a whole.

As a HBCU all-star, I will continue to fulfill my purpose academically, as a student leader and public servant. I will continue to build a legacy of excellence that will sustain Howard University for years to come.