What led to the eventual woes experienced by Hong Kong Disneyland in its first year of operation? How should Hong Kong Disneyland rectify its market situation?
Cultural Adaptation: The Chinese people were unfamiliar with the products of Disneyland, so they did not easily connect with the characters in the park; The Chinese enjoy focusing on what they can buy, eat, bring home, taking pictures and bringing them back home rather than the experience of being in the place itself.
Chinese Tourist Behavior: they will choose the cheaper one, which is Ocean Park since they think going to Hong Kong means a shopping experience; Also, Chinese tourists put a premium on education, where Ocean Park provides the educational slant.
Relationship with Travel Agents: Hong Kong Disneyland failed and did not heed too much attention to building a relationship with the travel agents while Chinese tourists depend a lot on travel agents.

To determining differences in Chinese culture and adopting it; more understanding for Chinese tourist behavior; handling the pressures of local demand in terms of the need of Chinese shoppers and tourists; and try to pay more attention to building a relationship with the travel agents are the way that Hong Kong Disneyland should rectify.