Week 5 DQ 1
What is the SEC? How does it impact financial decision-making? What constraints might it put on a company?

The term SEC can be defined as Securities and Exchange Commission and it was instituted in 1934 after a lot of hard work SEC seems to be a centralized dictatorial organization that administers the transactions as well as the catalogs of securities” (Gitman, 2006, p. 46). SEC’s ambition is formulating as well as implementing that position the principles intended for the community revelation of the monetary data by the municipal organizations. There are four principle sectors of the SEC that included Market Regulation division, Corporate Finance division, Investment Management division, and Enforcement division.
The SEC influences the monetary planning by means of acknowledging the authorized constraints. It as well demonstrates the crystal clear picture of the functioning circumstances of the US corporations, as a result of which it would be trouble-free or free of jeopardy intended for the depositors to take a suitable monetary judgment concerning the speculation in the stock, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
Limitations that the SEC might position on the corporation are selling techniques; so SEC enforces lawful limitations on corporations to shelter the depositors or those who are involved in investment decision. Corporations must locate express financial expenditures of acquiring the shares. Therefore the corporations need to sustain the 50% subsidiary prerequisites.


DQ 2
What would you consider to be a global equivalent(s) to the SEC within the USA? Are there individual reporting requirements comparable? Explain?
The famous WTO or World Trade Organization was founded in 1995, seems to be multinational similar to the SEC termed Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan surrounded by USA. So it’s observed that “The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the merely multinational corporation following the regulations relayed to trade and industry among the states” (WTO, 2010). The real objective associated with the WTO is to support the persons who are involved in importing accomplish the trade or industry.
When we talk about WTO we must say:

World Trade Organization gives an environment intended for bargaining the concurrence that really facilitates in decreasing the constraints that is interrelated with the multinational business as well as guaranteeing intensity as a live ground for every one, therefore taking important part in the financial or profitable expansion or progress. The World Trade Organization therefore gives an authorized in addition to institutional skeleton designed for the accomplishment, furthermore, continuously supervising these particular accords, therefore resolving disagreements accruing as a result of their understanding, analysis until the submission. The existing stiff related to the employment contracts embracing WTO comprises 16 unusual bilateral arrangements so that the entire individuals involved in the trade practices along with distinct plurilateral concurrences at which most of the WTO individuals are like parties.
At the same time when espousing the necessary items that are chosen in favor of SEC, the WTO not at all have any particular necessities; on the other hand WTO’s actions are further discussed below:
• Bargaining the decline or exclusion of the constraints related to the industry excise on imports, extra hurdles that are related with the industry as well as supporting the regulations prevailing the manner of multinational employment, for illustration antidumping, financial support, merchandise principles, etc.)
• Managing and then supervising the request in favor of World Trade Organization established regulations intended for buying and selling of commodities along with the best services approach along with the industry that deals with the rational or logical assets privileges
• .examining as well as appraising the buying and selling practices of our team associates consequently guarantee simplicity of provincial along with mutual buying and selling accords.
• Reconciling the disagreements between the individuals concerning the elucidation plus request of the accords.
• Structuring the aptitude of mounting national government administration seniors within the multinational buying and selling substances
• Supporting the method of attainment of more than 30 nations that are not in reality the related members of the pertinent corporation.
• Finally accomplishing the financial investigation along with circulating the buying and selling information designed for the World Trade Organization’s additional significant tasks or behaviors.
• Provide amplification or explanation to give awareness to the individuals concerning the world Trade Organization its undertaking operations along with the actions or behaviors.


DQ 3

What is a multinational corporation? What are some of the constraints facing