What is Critical Thinking?

February 23, 2014
Captain E.F. Rollins

What is Critical Thinking?
Critical thinking is more than just thinking about an issue. Critical thinking is analyzing our original thoughts about an idea or issue. In our text, critical thinking is defined as, “what we do when we critique the first kind of thinking – subject it to rational evaluation” (University of Phoenix, 2012, p. 2). To think critically, there are several things you should do such as identify what is the subject of the issue, remove your emotional response or bias, and concentrate on thinking about the issue objectively. For example to use critical thinking when buying a house, the issue would be whether or not to buy a house. Next, you would determine the price range that you can afford. What other debt do you have that would lower your range? Then you need to decide what area to focus on. Would it be closer to your job or in a certain school district for your children? It would be easy to get caught up in looking at houses and falling in love with one that is way out of your price range or in the wrong area. This is exactly what you will do if you do not have established criteria developed by using critical thinking. If you use critical thinking, you can hopefully avoid making a costly mistake and stay within your established criteria. Granted, critical thinking will not always prevent you from making a mistake, but believe it will limit your chances of making a mistake or drawing an incorrect conclusion.

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