What is Crime?

Crime doesnít have a name on it and its being committed all around the world. Crime is any violation of the law in which the person or persons can be punished by the law. Itís a harmful act of behavior towards any person, persons, businesses, or society as a whole. Society has certain rules or guidelines to follow and by breaking one of these rules you are considered committing a crime if it brings harm to those around you. Crimes can range from a low of one to a high of 100 or more. There are different types of crimes some being more punishable and ruthless than others. Crimes such as murders, rapes, thefts, prostitution, and battery are all forms of breaking the law and have different consequences.
You have Economic Crimes that can cause harm without someone physically touching you, such as money laundering, tax fraud, bribery, and bank/credit card fraud. These types of crimes are better known as White Collard Crimes. People tend to commit these kinds of crimes for personal gain. When someoneís tax return is being stolen from them it can cause a depth in what they were planning on doing with that money. It could be planned to be used for a down payment on a car or used for a college fund and being deprived of this can be very hurtful.
Violent Crimes is another form of crimes and one of the most crimes reported. It consists of bodily harm towards others. Such as, someone being killed, shot, raped, and or brutally beaten. This type of crime is one of the most hurtful crimes of all because its mainly results in death or severe harm of another person.
Lastly, there is also Property Crime. Crime that is committed such as burglary, robbery, arson, and motor vehicle theft. This crime doesnít seem that big of a deal but when you think about the damage that is done by it and the insurance claims that has to be reported, the stresses of this alone can cause a great deal on the victims.
Crime is measured on the depth of the act itself and it is mostly reported by the severity of it. Crimes that are mostly reported by the local law enforcement agencies are the ones that make up the Uniform Crime Reports. This report is the outcome of how many crimes have been committed throughout the years. Crime is also measured by the day, season, and climate of an area. Also by the regional differences countries have. For example, there is an old saying that ďthe heat tends to make you do crazy things.Ē Thatís because you get so agitated with being hot that you canít think straight so you tend to do something off key. During the summers a lot of families go on family trips leaving their homes unattended. You would think people would try to stay indoors and keep cool but instead they are out running amuck. Being in an upscale neighborhood can also make someone an easy target for crime. Large urban areas can create turf wars for gang members and drug dealers causing these areas to have an enormous crime rate.
I think the way that crime is measured is somewhat effective because not all crime is reported accurately. Meaning, why is it that mass murders or serial murders are always reported but things such as assault and battery are seldom reported depending on the severity of the beating. A crime is a crime no matter how little or big the offense is. I personally think that law enforcement agencies donít report small crimes to keep their crime rate down but should report them because a crime is still a crime no matter how big or small.