What is Anarchism?

• What is Anarchism?
• What is Socialism?
• Both Ideologies and how they are the same
• Thesis statement-‘more to meets the eye’- outlook with these ideologies, greater depth and division between anarchism and socialism
• More explicit
[The State: Its Historic Role, p. 10]

Second paragraph
• Point-However key difference has been identified in the extent they oppose the state
• Socialism and the state- state I necessary to ensure collective ownership
• Lenin
• Reinforced by another source
• 2 sentences describing Marxist view of the state and the need to have it –bourgeoisie
• Anarchist view of the state-individual anarchists oppose the formation of the state
• Why they hate the state-liberty and individual freedom-2 sentences
• Link together-socialism and the state, anarchism and no state
• In this respect there is an explicit division in ideology

In spite of this, there is an underlying difference between anarchism and socialism. This is reflected in the contrasting views of the relevance of the state between both ideologies. Although socialism regards the state as an exploitative and manipulative body, it nonetheless views the provision of the state as instrumental in paving a path towards an egalitarian structure of society ensuring collective ownership.

In opposition

Second Paragraph
• That said although socialism regards the state as an exploitive body it nonetheless views the provision of the state as instrumental to ensure collective ownership and an ultimate path towards an egalitarian structure in society.
• This is expressed by Lenin in ‘State and revolution’-(Lenin stated ‘the proletariat needs the state. We do not disagree with the anarchists on the question of the abolition of the state as the aim. We maintain that to achieve this aim we must temporarily make use of the instruments resources and methods of state power’)
• However anarchists on the other hand particularly individual-anarchists, strongly oppose the formation and establishment of a political organisation.
• They argue that the centralisation of a political body erodes and infringes their belief of individual liberty and self-ownership.
• Therefore a critical difference can be seen in the ‘means to the end’ between anarchism and socialism.