We\'ve got a job
Chapter six analysis
In this chapter leaders had an extremely hard time recruiting people for his protests. In my opinion it is because that they think that they wont benefit anything from these protests. If it was me trying to persuade this people I would first try brainwashing them, by telling them what may happen even though its impossible like "segregation will end, all of you will live a happy equal life". If this still isn\'t enough to persuade them I would give them money (by the way its not a bribe ) so they could protest.

Chapter seven analysis
In my opinion the best part of this chapter is when James Bevel tried to motivate the kids in any way possible. As stated in this chapter that he intended it specially for kids. Bevel intended children in this chapter in my opinion for one reason. This reason is that you can persuade kids easily just opposite of adults who would ask questions and find out the truth. He also blamed them which is completely wrong that they are the ones that caused segregation. The immature kids listened to what Bevel said and tried finding ways to end segregation without their parents notice.
Chapter 8 analysis
When the children left in droves the some teachers were helping them to leave the others were trying to stop them. In comparison to our school if our teachers knew that we were going to do something like this they would lock the doors and leave us locked in the class. If we were going to do something illegal they would directly call the police. While I was analyzing the pictures on page 76 and 77 I got to know by their expressions that that they are completely happy because they think that they are going to end this.

Chapter 9 analysis
In this chapter in my opinion Arnettas parents have gone crazy. They had seen what happened to their daughter at the m arch and they are willing to drive her again. I wont blame Arnetta because shes not mature enough I blame her parents. Im imagining my parents sending me to death by their own hands this is completely impossible. Washs reaction is impossible how could he attack kids with no weapons even though it is for a specific reason? He could find many other ways like stopping them from going to school or by firing their parents.