Hi! Itís been so accommodating going there back from my seat, to here facing purposely excited with you all who are present here in this hall.

To my friends, to some familiar faces there on the sides, to all trainers and teachers, to DWD members and staff, Iíd like you to join with me in some sort of a chitchat but lengthy talk about my thoughts and experiences and I require you to think the way my age does. First is Iím going to spare one piece to another and then weíll put things together so we could have great time together. I hope Iíve set things just okay to you.

Just recently, certain science fiction enthusiasts celebrated a week-long exhibit about different models of futuristic designs of instruments of all aspects such as unique flying objects, alien-faced models and many more. That news made me think about certain fictional movie Iíve watched before, ďThe Day After Tomorrow.Ē That was really one of the wildest foreseeing about the future of the world. Imagine how water super cedes the Earthís suspended terrestrial area, plus the splashing of water from anywhere turning each part and everything to a wild part of the ocean. The imbalanced nature was the center where the story goes around and it made me think that its possibility is so near to us. Although some part of the movie was that fictional, but I know that time can make things true and that can reallyÖreally happen.

Iíd like to raise an issue about the extreme high temperature that we are feeling nowadays. Do you feel it? I myself have felt it. Look at me. I look so dark because in school, although we only stay inside the classroom, but still we are grilled with the rays of the sun as early as 7:30 in the morning Ďtill 4:30 in the afternoon. How many typhoons have passed our country this year? After each typhoon, howís the weather? Theoretically speaking, the sun right now is in its middle age, that is why it is already a yellow star and this only means higher temperature on Earth. The cyclical event of water including recycling of the dirty ones is centered on the ability of the sun to make water evaporated thus, leading it up in the atmosphere to undergo another process. Thatís a well appreciated participation of the sun but the problem now is, polar ice caps are already reached with the high temperature thus, part of them are now melted. Remember the latest disappearance of the Country Kiribati who had been devastated and erased in the globe maps because of the fast water level increase. Ever before the Earth started with only one continent or the what you call Pangaea and later divided to what is now the seven continents Ė Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Antartica, Australia and Africa. What is happening in Kiribati is just one of the manifestations wherein time will come that all continents will go back from being a whole land and will now be called, the Super Pangaea. When that happens, some countries will get lost and most likely, Philippines, since our country belongs to the surrounding countries around Pacific Ocean. And besides, our country as you see in the maps is divided into smaller islands thus making our country one of the easiest target areas to be completely covered with water in the future.

I would like to ponder why do we have now these problem? Why everything seems to be more complicated now? Before, it was just about dirty rivers, polluted seas, illegal fishing, Muroami, improper water used, acid rain, so on and so forth. My thoughts have reached as far as why water is now slowly killing us? Is it already too late to be responsible in our own? With all the discernment Iíve made, I finally arrived to a conclusion onto where the origin of the problem might be coming from.

Ozone formation is basically three atoms of oxygen, thatís roughly more or less coming from excess oxygen excreted by plants in their daylight production during photosynthesis. Remember that manís population has really increased much compared to photosynthetic plants and