Wade Reynvaan
Mr. Jon Bouknight
Team Skills SP 252
5 April 2017
Decision Making Method Essay
Working together as a team has a lot of advantages when it comes to trying to find or come to a common goal. Using the " Standard Agenda " and " Majority Vote " are two instances that seemed to really work for our team " The Backrow" when we were trying to figure out what furniture item we would like to have as well as when we would like to travel. All methods seemed to work to a fair degree. These two that I have mentioned seemed to work the best when it came to coming up with a faster, fairer outcome.
" Majority Vote " is a method that you can use when a team has a problem or decision that they might not all agree on. Then, after a fair vote, the team comes to a decision on how to solve the problem or make a decision that will not only be fair to all in the group, but also will make the group members more open to the outcome. That is the only way it will work. All people have to be on board.
One big advantage of " Majority Vote " is that if there is anyone that is not willing to accept the outcome of the vote, then the team will not work as efficient, as it could spend time on the issue not arguing about the right approach.
The " Standard Agenda " has a precise set of steps that break the problem down for a group to come to a better outcome that all can easily agree on. These steps include analyzing the problem, which takes a groups conscious look to really see the problem it its full scope. Establishing criteria for the solution gives the group a set of ideas to bounce off one another to find different ways to solve a problem or work toward a goal. Ranking the criteria helps the team figure out which solution makes the most sense. Evaluating solutions helps you fine tune and come to a better solution. Selecting and implementing the best solution puts that decision into action. " The Standard Agenda " is the best option to coming to a group decision. The more a group communicates with one another, the better the group can come to a solution.
In Randy Pausch's " The Last Lecture " (page 142), Randy wrote about the importance of working together. He wrote about imagining himself sitting together in a group with a deck of cards. His impulse was always put all of his cards on the table face up and to say to the group: "Ok" what can we collectively make of this hand?" He claimed that being able to work well in a group was vital and necessary for both working in the field as well as at home in your family life. In order to teach this, he always put his students into groups to work together. This is an example of " The Standard Agenda ".
Randy Pausch used anything necessary to make others understand that working together was of great importance. On pages 142-143 of Randy Pausch's " The Last Lecture" , he detailed some tips for working successfully in a group.
First : greet people properly. Meeting people, getting to know one another, feeling comfortable and pronouncing each other's names correctly is important to make that connection someone. This makes everyone feel important. Second : find things you have in common, again finding common ground. Third : try for optional meeting connections. This helps with comfort as well so that everyone can focus on the task of the team. Fourth : let everyone talk. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Don't be selfish. There is no "I" in team! Fifth : praise each other. Even if you do not agree with one another, building someone up instead of tearing them down will only build the morale of the team. And last, but not least: phrase all alternatives as questions. This allows people to offer comments rather than defend one.
In " The Standard Agenda