Vocabulary List
Just be leery of who you trust.
The universe is a cornucopia of a galaxy.
Her retina detached and she had to be rushed to surgery.
The pipe disgorged sewage into the river.
I compressed my whole essay into a few sentences.
My mom wants me to go to college, so I can have a better life, than she did.
There is a big disparity of the rich and poor.
And why couldn\'t he force these erotic thoughts from his mind?
Everyone was astonished by her sudden death.
I couldn\'t navigate through my emotions.
I periodically will wash and wax my car.
The lady exaggerated to the police about the car accident.
There should be a thesis and topic sentence in every paper.
The bright sun banished the thunder clouds.
My requirements are very few.
My sister and I share good proximity.
It was an arduous trip.
Suppress your fear and continue with your work.
Tom affirmed he was innocent.
There were several controversial topics during the debate.
The extras will be monetary.
The man proposed a policy that was destructive to the economy.
I devote a lot of time to my studies.
He despises the people he works for.
When you go on a journey take adequate food and water.
Carolyn was a shrewd lady.
John is an accomplished and profound scholar.
The text of the book is in a narrative style.
See how beautifully the water reflects the sun.
The animal\'s blood sustained them.
We have a fundamental right of speech.
I can conceive a number of reasons why that will not happen.
He signed a treaty of surrender.
Strange, all of her luxury and no cell phone.
You can restore your family traditions.
It is inevitable that interest rates will rise.
I think its absurd that your boss expects her to work overtime for free.
He obtained his job on merit only.
His presence was significant at the premiere of the film.
A piano was kept in the corner of the room.
He never uttered a word the whole time.
She could barely exist on such a low wage.
I wore a severe suit of plain gray and a white blouse.
He was a terror of the neighborhood.
The kitchen we have is a practical modern kitchen.
Patience is a virtue.
An experiment is supported by theory.
Her book is an exploration of American psyche.
A bullet was embedded itself in the timbers of his feet.
The elephant got amok and so it was shot and dead.
He quaffed at the food hungrily.
The wind dwindled down since this morning.
His impassive temerity astounds me.
He steered the cattle with a goad.