Vietnam Review Sheet:
Thursday’s Test will be based on the following sources:

Readings : Williamson: 128-134
Class notes from class.
CNN Cold War : Vietnam

Directions: Answer the Following Questions as directed:

Terms /People : Define the following people/places/things.

1.The Battle of Dien Bein Phu : It was the period that Indochina against French enemy. Vietnam decided to strike back. So they asked for help and fought with French.

2.Geneva Conference: A conference that talking about the issues of Korea and Indochina. China, England, Soviet union, America and french were in the conference. Those two countries too.

3.Ho Chi Minh: He was a Vietnam. And he was the leader of Vietnam. He was the member of the Communist Party.

4.Ho Chi Minh Trail : It is a road of transportation. This name is made by western country. American tried to blocked this road. Which means American wanted to cut off the road of supply. But they failed.

5.Ngo Dinh Diem : He was the first president of South Vietnam. But he is not a good guy. He is cruel and cold blood. He is died 10 years later after he published country. Because people doesn;t like him. So American decided to foster anther leader of South Vietnam.
6.General Vo Nguyen Giap: He was a general of Vietnam and he was a meritorious statesman.He was in all of three Indochina battles.

7.Self immolation : Killing themselves with burning.

8.The Gulf of Tonkin incident:America provoke North Vietnam but American declare North Vietnam America first. It was the start of expansion of the war.

9.Lyndon Johnson: He wan an president of America. He kept doing what president Kennedy wanted to do. But in America, more and more people were discontented about the war of Vietnam. So he was compelled to resign.

10.Operation Rolling Thunder: It was a move that America and South Vietnam did. They have some targets and they tried to destroy something. Even they won the fights but they haven’t done anything about their targets.

11.Tet Offensive : They concentrated lots of solders that attacked South Vietnam. That made America to retreat.
12.Peace with Honor: It is what president Nixon said after they armistice.

13. Henry Kissenger: He was like a spy. Stole the information about paries peace Accords to president Nixon.

14. Richard Nixon: He was a president of America. He put more and more solder into the war of Vietnam.

15. Vietnamization : NO more American solders. Let Vietnam take control of themselves.

Big Picture ideas : Briefly Answer the following questions :

1. What was the Vietnam policy of Franklin Roosevelt : Trustee ship. Which can take a good care about Vietnam and it can helps him to do what he want.

2. What was the Vietnam policy of Harry Truman ?
3. What was the Vietnam policy of Dwight Eisenhower
4. What was the Vietnam Policy of John F. Kennedy
5. What was the Vietnam policy of
6. What was the SIno-Soviet split and how did it effect the end of the Vietnam War?
7. Why was there friction between The PRC and the government North Vietnam.