Victoria Ann
Mrs. Howard-Kongolo
English 10 HN pd. 1
February 18 , 2016
1984 Standards Focus Draft
George Orwell's 1984 occurs in an exceedingly restrained society in which the government uses a variety of technological and propagandist tools to monitor and manipulate its citizens. The book shows themes in the movie Divergent by the way the people of the society are obligated to listen to the government and anyone who opposes to do so are punished and killed. For example, Winston is constantly having illegal thoughts because he is one of the few that realizes the Party's abnormality whereas everyone else views it as a normal routine. In the movie , the society is divided up into factions and the government requires the people through a series of tests to see which faction their personalities match up with the best. Divergents are the rarest forms of people because their personalities contain the characteristics of all 5 factions. The government requires that everyone must belong to a certain faction so that they stay in their place and have no thoughts of throwing hands. Contrarily, Divergents question the system in which the government rules by , resulting them to act upon rebellious thoughts. They don't like citizens doubting them because of the reason being that they're afraid of the idea that the people could overrule them. Winston, in this case, is Divergent because of the w ay he hates the Party and the rules he must follow. He knows that what the party is doing is wrong and is tired of having to constantly do as they say.
In 1984, Winston finds Julia, a woman who turns into his lover as the book progresses. They both have a desire to rebel against the government because of the reason being that they both hate the Party. In the movie, the main character, Tris, discovers Tobias is also Divergent and fall in love. B oth Tris and Tobias fight against the government because they both know that the government is corrupt. The movie and the book are similar because of the way the government tries to get rid of anyone who clashes against their organization of ruling. The protagonists find themselves going against the government. For example, Tris finding out she belongs with the Divergents sets up on how the plot will play out as well as 1984. Also, the governments purpose of implementing these factions were told that they were for the citizens own good when in reality, it was set up for totalitarian rule. The authority tricked the people into thinking that they were on the citizen's side to lower any doubts or questions. They were secretive about getting rid of the rebels, such as Winston and Julia and the Divergents, because there was an increasing chance of the citizens seeing the bad things the government was putting people through and lead everyone else into rebellion. They were afraid of the idea that the people could understand what the Divergents were saying.
Another similarity Divergent and 1984 had was that they both used the same type of tactic to torture the people . In 1984, Winston is tortured in Room 101 with a rat cage held to his face. "A sort of premonitory tremor, a fear of he was not certain what, he had passed through Winston as soon as he caught his first glimpse of the cage." (Orwell 253) The Party knew his biggest fear were rats so they used them to manipulate his thoughts about Big Brother . Similarly, in Divergent, the government tortures Tris by using her mother, overtaking her emotions and using the people she cherishes the most. They both tried to get the people to believe through fear and use what they love against them.