University of Phoenix Material

Career Interests and Market Research Worksheet

Access the Phoenix Career Guidance System, located by clicking on the
Careers tab.
Complete the first Career Guidance Milestone "Set Your Goals." Then,
complete Step 1.2. At the end of Step 1.2, click Go to the Career
Exploration tool to access the career interest profiler.
Select two careers you are interested in, based on the results of the
Interest Assessment activity.
Conduct labor market research on the two careers, and fill in the following
table regarding the research you conducted.

| |Career 1 |Career 2 |
|What is the|Administrative Manager |Business/ management analyst |
|career? | | |
|What |I like the entire business job|I would enjoy this job because|
|interests |setting. I would enjoy that I |of the fact I would deal with |
|you about |would managed different |the corporation part of the |
|this |aspects of the company. |company. I would deal in the |
|career? | |decision making such as |
| | |production things. |
|Is there a |No there isn't a hiring demand|Yes there is a very high |
|hiring |for this particular job. |hiring demand. There are |
|demand? | |currently 35 job openings in |
| | |my area. |
|What are |To have a bachelor's degree |To have a bachelor's degree |
|the | | |
|educational| | |
|requirement| | |
|s? | | |
|What are |2-5 years of experience |2-5 years of experience |
|the | | |
|experience | | |
|requirement| | |
|s? | | |
|What are |There are so many, but here |Business intelligence, |
|the skill |are a few; business |financial analysis, and |
|requirement|administration, office |business solutions. |
|s? |management, and business | |
| |management. | |

Based on your research, which career path would you prefer to pursue? Why?
I would choose the Business/ management analyst career path, because both
require basically the same education, experience, and skills. The best
thing about Business/ management analyst is the demand is so high and the
pay is way better the Administrative manager.