University of Phoenix Material

Stages of Critical Thinking

Part 1: Stages of Critical Thinking

Complete the matrix by identifying the four beginning stages of critical
thinking as detailed in Critical Thinking.

|Stages of critical |Stage description |
|thinking | |
|The Unreflective |These are the thinkers that are basically |
|Thinker |unaware of the role of thinking in their |
| |lives and of potential problems with their |
| |own reasoning. Mostly these thinkers may be |
| |educated, they tend to be unable to resolve |
| |problems in thinking or find new strategies |
| |to solve problems. |
|The Challenged Thinker|A challenged thinker has become aware of the |
| |role thinking plays in their lives. They have|
| |an understanding of the basic elements of |
| |reasoning. They may think they have critical|
| |thinking skills, but they may not recognize |
| |that they apply these critical thinking |
| |skills in their lives, and making it tough |
| |for them to improve their thinking abilities.|
|The Beginning Thinker |The beginner thinker realizes that they |
| |sometimes experience tough times in their |
| |reasoning or problem solving; and they take |
| |great measures to monitor and improve their |
| |thinking. |
|The Practicing Thinker|Theses thinkers understand that the human |
| |mind tends to be self-deceit, and they |
| |attempt to assess and critique their own |
| |conclusions, beliefs, and opinions. |

Part 2: Your Thinking

Write a 75- to 150-word explanation of your current level of critical-
thinking development, and explain why you placed yourself at that stage.

I believe I am a practicing critical thinker, because I don't always think
critically and do have to often remind myself of the habits that I need to
change when it comes to thinking. I am enthusiastically working hard to
change my negative thinking habits into positive thinking habits. I tend to
procrastinate often and get work done at the last possible minute with
everything that I do. I recognize that I do have worthy habits and I do my
best to apply them when solving issues. I am a person, who is afraid
change, and I do realize the need for change in my life and in the way I
problem solve. It is a battle to analyze all of the information and options
available to me before solving issues and I sometimes try to take the
easiest route. I understand I have personal issues to work on as far as my
own beliefs and reasoning, but I do try my best to better my thinking.