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Communication Process

Complete the following table.

. Review the steps of the communication model on in Ch. 2 of Business
Communication. See Figure 2.1.
. Identify one personal or business communication scenario.
. Describe each step of that communication using your personal or business
scenario. Use detailed paragraphs in the boxes provided.

|Steps of communication |Personal or business scenario |
|model | |
|Sender has an idea. |Kaila at work wanted to make the day go by |
| |easier by switching her schedule around. She |
| |cleans houses and when she receives her list |
| |they will have her running all over town with|
| |no organization. She wanted to start at the |
| |residence that was furtherest away and work |
| |her way closer to the office. |
|Sender encodes the idea |It would make more sense to organize our |
|in a message. |houses so that we clean the furtherest house |
| |away and move in towards the office. By doing|
| |this, this will save us all time and money. |
| |We get paid by the job not by the hour so |
| |this makes more sense to accomplish the |
| |companies daily goals. |
|Sender produces the |When the jobs come in for the week the office|
|message in a medium. |should be organizing the jobs in a way that |
| |makes sense. If the employees are in their |
| |cars driving more than they are cleaning this|
| |is a time management problem and I am trying |
| |to bring some organization to it. |
| Sender transmits |The message will be transmitted by a point |
|message through a |paper. A point paper will show and explain my|
|channel. |idea and how it will save the company time |
| |and could possibly allow the cleaners to add |
| |on more houses through out the day. |
|Audience receives the |Management received the point paper and had |
|message. |questions to the process. |
|Audience decodes the |Management understands and agrees to look at |
|message. |the point paper. |
|Audience responds to the|Management wants to test the new idea but not|
|message. |after having a meeting with all of the |
| |claeners. They seem to be more worried about |
| |disrupting the other cleaners routine instead|
| |of possibly making more money. |
|Audience provides |After meeting with the other girls no one |
|feedback to the sender. |wanted to change their routine. It was even |
| |brought up that they all could possibly be |
| |able to go home earlier on a daily basis if |
| |they changed. After the meeting it was |
| |decided that they will not make any changes. |

Additional Insight

Identify two potential barriers that could occur in your communication
scenario and then explain how you would overcome them. Write your answer(s)

The main barriers I believe was perception and emotion. Even though it was
explained to these girls that it would benefit them to switch up their
routine they perceived that it was only to benefit the company in one way
or another. I also think that their emotion is involved in the choice as
well. I know some of these girls go eat, get snacks and other things that
don\'t involve work and they don\'t want to change their daily routine. The
way I would try to overcome these barriers is to physically show the girls
that if we followed the advice of the point paper that it woulod save them
probably an hour everyday. This meaning they could go home early or call
and get another house to possibly make extra money.