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How Films Communicate – Week 1

Part I: Beginning to Analyze Film

Movie Time and Place Costume Set Design Describe the atmosphere created by the combination of film elements and how they contributed to your liking or disliking of the movie.

Girl Interrupted, 1999

The movie is set in the early 1960’s. The movie takes place in a psychiatric ward and with some flashbacks from the character’s past.
The characters mostly wear dingy, old sweat pants sweat shirts. They sometimes wear hospital gowns and scrubs that a nurse would wear. When they are outside of the ward, the patients wear clothes that were worn in the 1960s.
The sets looks just like a mental hospital, but also takes place in an ice cream shop and some of the character’s homes.
The overall atmosphere is gloomy and sad. All the patients in the psychiatric ward are very sick in different ways and the set helps create that scene. The costumes, hair and makeup, and overall set grabs the audience’s attention from start to finish. I was intrigued and interested in the movie because it seemed so realistic. It is based on a true story.