United States Northerners

­1850, Northerners never dreamed of war against south, why public opinion change?: North wanted to stay unified and as a country but the south was concerned that

Lincoln would emancipate (set free) the slaves & it wasn't the emancipation of slaves that concerned the South, but fact that if Lincoln were to free slaves it would be

denying the states their rights; northerners sought that to be like a rebellion against us and were determined to keep the Union together, N believed if S seceded both

would fall apart economies dependent on factories in N and agriculture in S

­Historians say Mexican war was 1st battle of civil war, a/d: Agree, bc in many ways, the Mexican War (1846­48) was, indeed, the forerunner of the Civil War, for most

of the great warriors of 1861­65 actually had their first taste of battle & tested their character in Mexican War. More importantly a direct result of the Mexican War the

US gained control over lands that nearly doubled its previous size; future states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, & Cali were all obtained as a

direct result of the war. Much of the future economic wealth of the US­yes, its very status as a truly world power­must be attributed to this huge land acquisition. It

changed the course of Amer. history and should be more widely recognized. It revived intense and heated debate about the expansion of slavery in the West.

­What was Britain’s role in the civil war: South expected the British to help them in the war since they were in a partnership (traded with each other) but Britain

preferred to stay neutral instead of starting a war with the northern side of the US; union set up the blockade that did not allow these things to continue to take place;

Britain sold weapons and war materials to both sides; Britain had suffered through many bad harvests around that time and desperately needed the northern wheat. They

got cotton from Egypt and India instead of the south. Britain mostly tried to remain neutral