True or False
The book American Born Chinese, written by a Chinese-American Gene Luen Yang, was published in December, 2008, and the whole book is composed of three different stories that connect to each other. The main characters in these three stories are the Monkey King, Jing Wang, and Danny’s cousin, Chin-Kee. The Monkey King is extremely persistent and arrogant, Jing Wang is a Chinese-American, but he hates his identity as an Asian, and Chin-Kee who is Danny’s cousin likes tricks, has an ugly appearance and speaks English with a strong Chinese accent. The criticism in personality, appearance and lifestyle in this book illustrates American’s negative view of Chinese people.
The personality of Chinese people in this book was unacceptable. First example was Chin-Kee. Danny was a main character in one of the stories, and Chin-Kee was his cousin. One day, when Danny’s mother told him that Chin-Kee came to their house, Danny’s facial appearance looked scared and afraid (Yang 47). It was strange because when people have relatives come and meet them, they think it is okay or feel happy. But when Danny knew his cousin was coming, he was so afraid. It made me feel bad and showed me that Chin-Kee was a scary person and Danny didn't want to see him. It let me guess that Danny hated Chin-Kee very much. Another example was Jing Wang. One day, Suzy Nakamura, girlfriend of Jing’s best friend Wei-Chen Sun, told bad things about herself to Jing. Unexpectedly, Jing kissed her after she said those things (Yang 188). His action was rude and very impolite to Suzy and his friend, Wei-Chen. It confused the readers and caused them to feel that Jing was a bad person. He did bad things to his best friend’s girlfriend, and he didn't apologized to him until they met again a long time later. Both of these showed us that Chinese people were rude and scary, and their actions were different to accept.
The drawings of Chinese people’s appearance are bad. As we know, typical Asian people all have black hair, brown eyes, and yellow skin. Jing Wang looks like that. But the face drawing of Chin-Kee in this book is unbearable to be seen. He has a very ugly face, weird behaviors and words. His eyes are very small, we can't even see his eyes. He has a bulbous nose and a big mouth with buck teeth in it. Sometimes when he talks, the saliva will come out of his mouth (Yang 50). He is very good at studying; even so, he always does tricks people, like peeing in Danny’s friend, Steve’s coke, and saying some pretty vulgar stuff to girls. When Chin-Kee saw Melanie, Danny’s friend in his house, Chin-Kee said, “such pletty Amellican girl whiff bountiful Amellican bosom! Must bind feet and bear Chin-Kee’s children” (Yang 50). His words was very rude for a girl. He also has a heavy accent when he is talking. For example, he says Amellica as America, Da-nee as Danny. These facial and action descriptions of Chin-Kee give many narrow ideas of Chinese people and make me think that all of the Chinese people are like that.
This book also shows many prejudices about Chinese people and influences the perspective of Chinese in American people’s eyes . Jing Wang ate dumplings at lunchtime when he was in elementary school. After his classmates saw that, one of them said, “ Stay away from my dog” (Yang 32). That showed American people don't know what a dumpling actually is and his classmate mistakenly assumed it was made with dog. The book suggests Chinese people eat dogs. After that happened, Jing never ate dumplings at school ever, he only ate sandwiches later on. The same thing happened to Chin-Kee too. He ate crispy fried cat noodle when he was in Danny’s school. However, that’s not common for Chinese people to eat animals. There are also many stereotypes of Chinese people. When the teacher introduced Jing to the class when he came to school in the first day, the teacher spelt his name wrong. The teacher said, “ Class, I’d like us all to give a warm Mayflower Elementary welcome to your new friend and classmate Jing Jang! He