Thoughts on the authors voice or style in the writting
page 7-52
I believe this author is very creative so far. As i read i question myself with why did William Golding chose childrens stranded in an island without an adult. So far as i read this novel has been very interesting.
page 53-102
So far my thoughts on the authors voice/style is fantastic. I love the way he made this book with creativity and mysterious chapters. In my opinion it takes alot of talent to write a book like his.
page 103-152
My thoughts on the authors voice/style is intriguing. The creativity flows in the novel, but now it has flown into criteria of sadness and depression.
page 153-202
My thought on the authors voice/style is creative and i see him as an astonishing writer. This Novel is very adventorous and mysterious. The tragics make you feel sad but yet again if it gets into your emotions means the writer was stupendous.