Mr. Walch
13 November 2015
Thesis 1 and 2
1. I believe that the death penalty should not be allowed.
a. Many criminals donít care if they die.
b. Effects of life in prison would be more punishing.
c. Death penalty system costs the U.S. a fortune.
d. Some innocent people convicted as guilty are sentenced to death rather than life in prison.
e. Two wrongs do not make a right. If someone murders someone we shouldnít punish them by doing the same thing.
2. I believe that sex ed. should be mandatory in all schools in the U.S.
a. Many parents do not bother to teach their children.
b. Children who arenít taught can come across material online or other media that may be misguiding and/or not accurate
c. It is important to teach a person what is reality rather than allowing them to discover things for themselves and hiding the truth from them.
d. People who are taught will have more knowledge on preventing STDís.
e. Abortion rates will also decrease.