Theory of evolution
Shance McGuffey
July 16, 2015
Albert Vandiver

Theory of evolution
If the theory of evolution is true, as scientific evidence overwhelmingly suggests, a human being is nothing more than an ape. Back as far as I could remember our schooling always suggested that we as humans had evolved from apes by using the Darwin theory. That\'s not quite how it works though. Apes didn\'t turn in to humans over the evolutionary time. Now there was a common ancestor prior to the humans and apes of today that birth to what we are today. Through differing mutations and population sequestering, the ancestor of humans and the ancestors of apes evolved through a whole different line over millions of years. Because of that ancestor that is the reason in some ape species having what we call human traits. According to scientists it is very unlikely that current apes will ever evolve into homo-sapiens through the next million years of evolution. There could be some other advanced version born from their own genetics in the distant future. (Mauk, 2013)
So the conclusion is that we are not apes, in fact we have no recent evolutionary relation to today\'s apes. Because apes might stand on two feet and have certain family values that closely relate to humans they are as far away from us as any other mammal on this planet. Even though Darwin\'s theory has been used for many years scientist are having to make change to his theory because of the advances in science today. We are smarter and more mentally equipped to figure out the process of evolution today. More so than Darwin did back in the nineteenth century.
Evolution by natural selection is one of the best substantiated theories in the history of science. This is supported by factual evidence from a variety of scientific disciplines, including paleontology, geology, genetics and developmental biology.

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City. "All life on Earth is connected and related to each other," and this diversity of life is a product of "modifications of populations by natural selection, where some traits were favored in and environment over others". (Richmond, 2013 p3)

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