Da’Taesha Brown
English 103
Professor Kennedy
April 4th, 2016
The Women of Brewster Place, “Dawn”, “Mattie Michael”
The opening of the book starts with Dawn which gives description of the unmanned city which Brewster Place is created in. Mattie Michael is a southern bell who ends up pregnant while being shelter and protected all her life by her strong willed and religious father. She moves away to survive on her own with her child. She becomes a working parent whose main purpose is to provide and survive for her child. She then turns into her father by sheltering her child into nothing but undisciplined loved. As he grows older with a passive mother he gets into some legal trouble that he cannot manipulate his way out of. Basil is locked up for involuntary murder and his mother puts up her house up for his bond, and Basil subjected to his selfishness fled the city and forced his mother into moving to Brewster place.
The Women of Brewster Place, “Etta Mae Johnson”, “Kiswana Browne”
Etta Mae Johnson is Mattie Michael’s childhood friend and a free spirited woman who struggles with the desire and love she wants from a man. Etta Mae goes from man to man searching for her desire of love from a man she is willing to stay with. She searches for her love in the men who are flashy in appearance. She attends church with Mattie and meets Reverend Woods who she has a fling with, and only to realize after having sexual intercourse with him that it was all another desire and she didn’t truly want him. Feeling yet again used and broken by herself she is delighted to find that the one person who loves her dearly and unconditionally is waiting up for her playing her songs. Kiswana Browne, unlike the previous two characters, chose to live in Brewster Place. Kiswana has dropped out of college running away from her past, in search of finding herself. She has changed her name and has family issues with her parents. When her mother returns she asks why has she changed her name and Kiswana releases anger and rage upon her mother telling her how she is a “white mans nigger”. Kiswana’s mother explains to her the pride and heritage of her name and how proud she should be to carry on and be in this bloodline.
The Women of Brewster Place, “Luciela Louise Turner”
Luciela Louise Turner who appeared in the beginning of the novel as Miss Eva’s granddaughter who was abandoned by her parents and being raise by her grandmother until she passed away. Luciela is now all grown up with a child name Serena by Eugene. Eugene is portrayed as the typical man who had a baby with a woman that he was not ready for so in return he takes his regret and rage out on how he treats them. Eugene is jobless and does not help when it comes to their daughter. Eugene comes home one day lying about a job he was offered in Maine and how he had to leave immediately. Luciela knowing that it was all a lie began to argue with him and take her attention off Serena. Serena chasing a roach in their home while her parents fight sticks her hands into an electrical socket and dies. Luciela left with no child and an aborted child deals with her grief by sobbing into Mattie’s arms.
The Women of Brewster Place, “Cora Lee”
Cora Lee had an enormous obsession with baby dolls when she was younger. Of course every child has a huge obsession that their parents think they will grow out of but this continued into adulthood. Cora Lee’s aunt told her when she was 16 years old that she should have some babies of her own and this sparked lightbulbs. Cora Lee was so infatuated with the ideas of babies that she conceived them for the idea alone not realizing that they grew older. Cora Lee’s children are neglected by her because she only knows how to care for them as infants. Kiswana notices Cora Lee’s children are neglected and invites them along with Cora to a Shakespeare play. Cora was inspired by the play and began to think