The truth cookie by Fiona Dunbar
Imagine a magical, unusual recipe to make all your dreams come true!
First imagine at the age of 5 you lost your mum and your dad decides to marry an evil girlfriend who has an evil son and becomes your stepmother? Well the first thing that comes to your mind is Cinderella. But this book will absolutely surprise you! This book isn’t like Cinderella; it’s more unusual and magical!
Losing her mum at the age of 5 Lulu Baker is now 12 years old. She lived 7 years without her mum but with her dad and housekeeper, Aileen and her wodge of stuff (a tin where she keeps all her pictures and cards from her mum) Lulu is happy until her dad decides to hook up with an ex-model, author of How To Be As Thin As Me!, Varaminta Le Bone, who is 2-faced and is more like a hard boiled and twisted cough candy and she has a son, Torquil who is more a fish mouth and hot cinnamon flavoured jellybean, once eaten it will burn the roof top of your mouth. Lulu’s dad and Varaminta decided to marry in a few weeks. Lulu doesn’t want this and she wants to show her dad that Varaminta is using him but how can she show him who Varaminta really is? For Lulu, seriously there is no way for that.
Lulu has experienced varaminta’s ‘2-faced’ actions when she’s around Lulu and when she’s around Lulu’s dad. Lulu finds it hard to live with Varaminta and Torquil in the house alone after her dad is on a long trip and when Aileen suddenly disappears. Until the day, after Lulu runs away from the beauty salon Varaminta forced her to go, as a birthday gift, Lulu steps inside a strange looking book store and meets Mister O. Lulu accidentally knocks over a tower of books. Frustrated, she begins to stack them up again until a golden coloured book caught Lulu’s eyes, in faded handwriting it says
For my lovely Lulu
Happy birthday!
Lots of love,

Then Mister O says “It found you!” Confused Lulu goes back home and secretly reads the book called the “The Apple Star by Ambrosia May”, a book filled with unusual recipes, with very strange ingredients, used to solve problems. This book deals in with fixing bodily problems, problems of the character and matters of the heart, but the recipes can only be used once, and in the wrong hands it may be harmful. In this book Lulu finds a recipe she was waiting for ‘The Truth Cookie’ but Lulu struggles on the ingredients for the recipe but as she searches for the ingredients, Lulu meets Cassandra, a very mysterious woman who just might have the answers for her problem
Lulu only has one chance, will Lulu get the cookies perfectly done before her dad and Varaminta marry? And will she get Varaminta and Torquil reveal their true inner selves to her dad? With a little bit of help from her friends might just do the trick
I highly recommend this book to people, especially girls, who are interested in magic and cooking and fairy-tales. I like to give it a 5-star rate! Once you start reading you can’t stop!!