Ms. Hoogewerf
Writing College Success
18 September 2015
The Trip
“Tomorrow morning! You guys get up bright and early 8 am tomorrow morning and we’ll go.” Andrew’s dad muttered as he staggered out of the kitchen with another beer in his hand. I was at my friend Andrew’s house with my other friend Ethan. We were in the middle of discussing our plans for jet-skiing the next morning. I knew the plans weren’t going to go as planned as his dad was obviously drunk as could be. But we eventually decided to go along with it. After forcing ourselves awake the next morning, we walked into the living room to see his dad crashed on the couch. We waited and waited, he didn’t budge. Jet skiing was officially out of the picture. “I told you guys he was talking nonsense” I muttered to my friends as I headed back to bed. “I got up early to see your dad fast asleep in front of the TV?” my friend Ethan asked Andrew angrily. “You guys want to go to Adventure Island instead?” said Andrew’s mom as she walked into the room. We looked at each other hesitantly. A water park full of screaming kids who use the pools as a toilet? What could be better on a Sunday afternoon? “Sure” we said shrugging. We would try to make the best out of it.
After an hour or so drive later we were walking into the park. None of us had been there in a while so we didn’t know quite where to start. Andrew’s parents found some seats near the wave pool and set all their things down. “You guys meet us back here when the park closes”. That was 6 hours from then. We didn’t think we’d need too much time to slide down some slides and splash water in stranger’s faces. We picked one direction and ran until we came across something interesting. We stumbled upon the entrance to a slide. “This looks decent” Andrew claimed. We walked through the entrance and started heading up the long spiraled stairs. “Excuse me gentlemen, a line is made to wait in, not cut”. We turned around to see a short shirtless man with his 2 kids behind him. And then we saw the people behind his kids. And the people behind them. We had walked by a mile long line without even realizing it. This was going to take a while. 45 minutes later, we were getting ready to slide down. It was one person at a time so I decided to go first. I slid down into the dark enclosed tube as water rushed by my sides and splashed into my face. The tube open up halfway through the ride and I could finally see where I was. I stuck my arms out to my sides and gripped onto the sides of the slide. With all my strength, I held myself in place from slipping any further and waited for Ethan to slide down behind me. Surely he wouldn’t be expecting this. After a few seconds, he rushed up behind me and screamed as he slammed into the back of me. We laughed hysterically as we continued to hold ourselves from sliding any further. Shortly after Andrew slid down and crashed into Ethan. “What’s wrong with you guys?!” Andrew yelled. “If we don’t hurry a whole line of people is going to ram into us!” he yelled pushing us forward. We finally let go of the sides and continued to slide down. We picked up more and more speed and finally fell into the pool at the end. “You guys can’t come down at the same time!” yelled the lifeguard to the side of the pool. “Sorry! We got stuck!” Ethan yelled back as he climbed out of the pool. “You guys are idiots, we can get kicked out for things like that” Andrew said swimming up behind us. I laughed to myself as I heard him say this. “Kicked out of Adventure Island? The whole world is over!” I screamed sarcastically. “Alright fine, act like animals” Andrew said letting out a sigh. I knew we wouldn’t get kicked out for spicing the experience up a bit. Slide