The Sweet - Toothed Fairy

t was a very foggy day and Jackie and Jenny were walking down the street to Laura?s house. It was so
foggy that they couldn?t even see their own feet. It was getting dark out fast and they were both kind of
scared. They started talking to each other about school when all of a sudden they ran into someone.
?Ahhhhhh? they both cried. They were so scared. They started to run but they looked closer and saw that
it was only Lillian.

?Boooo? she said. ?I?m the Boogie Man?! They all started to laugh.

?Mistake number one? said Jackie.

?No, it?s number two? said a mysterious voice.

?Uhoh? Jenny said. ?Run?!

?Don?t run, for it?s only me, your friend?. A figure stepped out of nowhere. ?Hi ya all, what?s up?? It was
Laura. ?Told ya all that this is mistake number two?! Everyone laughed, even Jackie.

?So maybe you?re right this time?.

?We were just coming to find you and on our way we ran into Lillian? said Jenny.

?Oh? said Laura. ?Why don?t you girls come over to my house, we can have some doughnuts and milk?.

?OK? we all agreed. ?But let?s stick together?. We all agreed on that to. We all started walking back
holding hands and talking about our favorite things when Jackie tripped over something.

?Ow? she moaned. ?My toe, I just tripped over something?.

?Look, there?s an egg or something on the ground, don?t step on it?. Laura bent over and picked it up.
?It?s heavy, someone help me carry it back to my house, then we can look at it better?. They started
running, they were all excited. When they finally arrived at Laura?s house, they found that the egg was
pink, round and about 5 inches big, but quite heavy.

?Pretty? said Lillian, ?but what is it?? No one said anything for a minute or so but it seemed like hours.

?I?ll get the dictionary? Laura said to break the silence. In a minute Laura came back with the dictionary
and started looking through it. When she got to the F?s she stopped and picked up a piece of paper that was
laying right by the word fairy. ?Come here everyone and look at this? Laura said. She held up the piece of

?Read it, read it? everyone chanted.

?Okay, okay. It says.....

Dear Laura and friends,

You have just found an egg that will bring you much adventure. This is a fairy egg. You and your
friends will be responsible for hatching this egg and taking care of it until Halloween night when you will
go to Night Road and find Wizard Terry Caller and give the fairy to him. To hatch the fairy you shall put
the egg in a warm area and chant this poem 3 times:
Fairy of beauty
Fairy of light
Come to me this very night
I will respect you with all of my might
Please come

Then wait for results. You must feed the fairy like you would feed any human. Feed the fairy
chocolate bars or anything sweet. Give her water to drink, remember, you only have to take care of it for
14 days.


Terry Caller

.... and that?s all it says?.

?Cool? said Jenny. ?Let?s hatch it tonight?. They all agreed. But first they all called their parents and
asked if they could sleep over. All of the parents said yes because it was a Friday night. They were
excited, but it was only 4:00 pm. They couldn?t hatch the egg yet, so they all played games for a while.
Time flew. Before they knew it, it was 11:00 pm and time to get down to business. They put the games
away and put the egg by the heater. They held hands and closed their eyes and said the poem 3 times and
opened their eyes to a big surprise. In place of the egg was a fairy, with a pink dress on and wings of lace.
The skin was lavender and seemed to be as smooth as silk.

?It?s beautiful?, Jackie whispered taking the others out of shock. ?It sure is? Lillian whispered back.

?You can say that again? Laura said. She stood up and picked up the fairy. ?What should we name this
cute little fairy??

?It?s probably a girl? said Jackie, ?so how about Katie??

?No we have to think of something different you know, just not normal names. ?Like Ruben, we