The Stamp Act of 1765 is a parliamentary act of Great Britain that touched upon the colonies of British America. This document was based on the imposition of the direct tax on the Thirteen Colonies. The main idea of this document was to make British colonies print their books, newspapers, playing cards and other printed materials on the stamped paper that was produced in London. The Crown made this decision to improve its financial condition, because the treasury of Great Britain required gold. Obviously, the Parliament decided to impose taxes on the countryís colonies. It was impossible to print the smallest announcement without the stamp of the Crown. It is natural that this policy was met violently. People were not ready to such unexpected and meaningless taxes and they protested furiously. The Stamp Act of 1765 caused severe protests in all cities of British America.
People could not bear the fact that they did not have their own representatives in the Parliament of Great Britain.
Consequently, they did not have the opportunity to influence the structure and character of taxation and its usefulness and sensibility. There were spontaneous demonstrations and rallies in all colonies. The biggest rally was in Boston, where furious crowd destroyed a vice governorís mansion. Naturally, London decided to resolve this conflict and repealed this Act on 1766. It does not worth mentioning that the Parliament imposed many other similar taxes afterwards, but the colonies opposed them in the same manner. It is possible to say that such a united and cohesive attitude towards the pressure of colonists maintained the process of struggle for independence.
The Stamp Act of 1765 is a good subject for analysis, because it illustrates the meaningless of colonial policy. One is able to read about this Act in the reliable sources in order to improve his knowledge about this event. Then, it is important to think about the cause of taxation in the context of the financial condition of Great Britain. One should think about the origin of such documents and their influence on the colonies and their people. Students ought to demonstrate the effect of taxation and summarize their research wisely. It is smart to clarify the importance of this event for the history of the USA.