The Sisters is a short story from a book called Dubliners. The book was written by James Joyce who is one of the most influential writers in Ireland.

The main characters in the story are a young boy and his friend the old Priest also the two sisters who are looking after the Priest. Also the young boy's aunt and uncle and an old Cotter who is a friend of the young boy's family.

It is 1895 in Dublin when a nameless boy comes down for supper. Old Cotter is telling the boy's aunt and uncle that the Priest has passed away after a third stroke. The two men discuss this friendship and they think that spending time with priest was unhealthy for the boy and he should playing with young lads of his own age.

In bed later, the boy tries to understand why Old Cotter and his uncle would not want him to join with Father Flynn then he imagines about the priest trying to confess something to him.

The next day, the boy visits Father Flynn's house and finds a card displayed outside announcing the man's death but he does not knock on the door. He feels less sad than he would have expected and a sense of freedom.

In evening, the boy's aunt takes him to see the body of Father Flynn in an open coffin, after which the boy's aunt and the priest's two sisters converse cryptically about the deceased, implying that he was mentally unstable for some time before dying and that he may have been involved in some scandal or other.