The Poetics of Popular Music - Oral Presentation (15%)
November 14th, 18th & 21st

For Oral Presentations, everyone in the class will have (roughly)
5 minutes +/- to do the following:

• Choose a song that you think should be in the coursepack
• Identify its title and lyricist. Any information about the era (when it was written) might be helpful too
• Argue for its inclusion. This should take up the majority of your time: Why should it be included? What would its inclusion add? What theme does it add to or address? What other songs presently in the coursepack could be compared to it? Why? How would we all benefit from reading it? Why?
• Read parts of the lyrics if you wish but it can’t be for no reason or just to kill time; doing so has to back up, or add to, what you are arguing
• End your presentation by making a statement or asking a question that will (hopefully) stimulate a discussion

Tips & Preparation

• Pick a song that is short enough so you can actually do a somewhat thorough analysis of it; the longer it is, the more you’ll have to rush & potentially ignore important aspects of it.
• Practice makes perfect so don’t forget to go over your presentation ahead of time for clarity, timing and delivery. You can’t just make it up as you go the day of – it’ll come across that way
• You’re among friends so don’t tense up! It’ll be fine!

Your mark will be based on 2 criteria: the presentation itself (7.5%) and the 300-350 word write-up (7.5) which is due in class one week after your presentation. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS – one week later and that’s it.

Presentation Day: analysis, insight, delivery, clarity, preparation
Write-Up: A written version of the presentation. You can go into considerably more detail here if you wish. Please include the lyrics to the song (which will not be considered part of the word count). Also, please include some sense of how you thought your presentation went (I did this well; this not so much; if I had to do it again I would…)

Very important! Respect and true and active engagement when others are presenting is essential. Disruptive behavior, ignoring, sleeping, talking, texting while others present will negatively affect your mark no matter how well your own presentation goes.

Questions? MIO me anytime or come by during office hours.