The Poetics of Popular Music

Response #3 (5%) – “My Values”

Length: 300-350 words +/- (not counting the lyrics)

A central theme in High Fidelity is that the culture you consume (music, TV, movies, etc.) can sometimes heavily contribute to defining your values. For better or for worse, the messages found within pop music serve to determine, among other things, Rob’s view of love and what, to him, a relationship “should be”.

Analyze one song not in the coursepack that, positively or negatively, best defines one of your values. They can either be lyrics that represent something close to/exactly what you believe about a subject or idea; conversely, they can be lyrics that, by being clearly opposite to your values, serve to contrast with what you do in fact believe.

Quote the lyrics directly and make clear and specific connections between your value and its articulation – or not – in your chosen song. Also, you must make direct and clear references to at least one technique used by the lyricist(s) and its effect on the lyrics as a whole.

Remember: we’re thinking exclusively of the lyrics here. How the song is sung, its genre, bio of the lyricist, etc. are always irrelevant and should not be considered.

Lastly, as always, choose your words carefully.

Please include the lyrics in full (which will not be part of your word count) after your responses.

• 12 point font
• double-spaced
• to be printed and handed in at the beginning of class 8:30 a.m. on Friday, November 7th.

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