The Pearl

Kino found a pearl
It was as big as a girl
Now Kino was as rich as a king
During the weather of spring
After that Kino met a doctor
His name was Procter
He wanted to buy the Pearl
Because it was as good as a murl
Kino said no to the offer
Because it was a bother
And it reminded of him of his canother
That looks like another
After that Kino left his house
To go find a blouse
And was later greeted by beggars
They were a bunch of trolls
Who would want nothing but rolls
When they saw the Pearl they were amazws
It looked they were dazed
All they had were a few pesos

Later that dad there were people trying to find Kino
But Kino went into hiding like a talentino
Kino realized the pearl was making him crazy
It made him so lazy
The next day he met his brother Juan Thomas
He was a very lovely Hippopotamus
Kino asked what he should do
Juan told him to throw the Pearl back to the lake
Kino was infuriated like a cake
So he went into hiding
To have peace like a fiding
Kino and Juana hid in a cave
It was as big as a rave
Later that night Kino saw 3 men
They were as fat as a hen
Kino wanted to go kill them
Before they would steal the pearl
Kino snuck behind them
And killed all of them
The next day Kino threw the Pearl back to the lake