The object of the buffers and pH lab are:
1. Explain what makes a solution acidic or basic.
2. Describe the p.H scale and the pH of common solution.
3. Explain the purpose of an indicator.
4. Define buffer , and explain why buffers are important to organisms.
5. Interpret a titration curve
6. Construct a graph and table of your results.

pH is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions. There are several ways to determine the pH of a substance. Many include the common litmus paper.
Indicators change color depending in pH to which they are exposed. Anthocyanins are plant pigments that change color depending on the pH of there enviorment.
The pH of an organism must be kept fairly stable in order for life to continue
Buffer is a chemical substance that resists change in pH.
The ability of a solution to resist change can be measured
Act. 1 Introduction to acids and bases

Act. 2 Using Red cabbage indicators to measure pH.