The more I get to spend time with you, the more I am certain that I'll do whatever it takes to provide for you.
That is important to me.

A lot of people want to change the world; I just want to make yours the best it can be. I don't want to be the president or a celebrity, I want to be yours; To live a life with real meaning, to raise a family, see our children grow, learn, play, live, laugh, and love. I want to concentrate on this perfect world of you and I; build a home with my own two hands, always put you before me.

I want to love you and cherish you with every ounce of my being, find freedom in a starry night, and ourselves on a sunlit grassy hill, looking at the horizon knowing everything, every hope, every dream, peace of mind, and smile is being held in my arms. With you I trust in this happiness, one that could never fade.

With you there is love in the simple, yet beautiful moments, moments that take your breath away and captivate the soul... Love that puts magic in memories we share, overloads the mind, and renders words impossible.

Remember that night, lying under the stars in the bed of my truck, and all of a sudden this shooting star went by, we both saw it, holding each other as we both made a wish. I looked at you, and I knew, with souls intertwined, we were wishing for the same thing... and darling all I can think is those stars were listening to us somehow.

You're my everything, all I ever wanted. Hunter Hayes can sing it, but I can show it, and we can live it. I'll be your wife, your happily ever after in this beautiful life story, one that will never end, a story for forever, the best one yet and the only one that matters.

Baby Girl <3