The importance of the industry

When it comes to Congress and Meeting Management there are many factors that play a role in making this industry a crucial part dealing with any type of business. Dealing with this industry in you're own country can be more simple in terms of logistics and cultural norms; than when it comes to dealing with people in other businesses from all over the globe.
Some of the factors include but aren't limited to, cultural normedies from differing countries, religion backgrounds and cuisine pallets. It becomes the responsibility of the Congress and Meeting Management team to create a suitable environment that takes in all the cultures when the entire program comes together. This entire industry has a major importance because big organizations and businesses can come together to develop new ideas and expand their business both domestically and internationally.
Congress and Meeting Management also involves, promotion of any conference, having the right social event at the conference whether it's dinners, networking, etc. Other tasks can involve hosting, transportation, administration needs, accommodation and sponsorships for the event. Then analyzing the financial side of the conference and choosing the right venue at a reasonable price. It is the congress and meeting management's job to make sure that all the necessary tasks are completed so the company or business using their services can have a accomplished and successful event.
When it comes to our specific location Hong Kong there is a location known as The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. This is a suitable location where many different types of conferences, conventions and exhibitions from small scale to larger venues topping 20,000 people can be held. Choosing the correct venue is just as important as any convention or conference, because having the right venue and location can make or break a convention. Conventions and conferences is where people from all over the globe come together to discuss and examine the ways of doing things. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center can do just that, for example they have held the IMF World Bank Conference of 1997 and the International Trademark Association 2014 Annual Meeting.
Most important factors in congress and meeting industry in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is growing in business sector and thus becoming more popular in meeting and congress industry. As many international businesses have operations in Asia and China, Hong Kong is convenient with its location to gather. Hong Kong's infrastructure is reliable as it has a good airport and world-class hotels to accommodate congress visitors easily.
Hong Kong Is steadily safe place to travel to and in. Keeping the internationality in mind, English is spoken widely in Hong Kong and citizens of over 170 are free to visit and stay visa free for between 7 to 180 days, making congress visitors arrangements easier.

When organizing an event in Hong Kong there is many experienced organizers available for help. Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK) provides free advice and support in helping making the event happen from start to finish.

The biggest meetings and congresses held in Hong Kong
Amway ANZ Achievers 2015
Last year, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) appointed Hong Kong to be the host city for its bi-annual event. More than 8,500 attendees representing 35 countries attended the premier association for financial professionals.   Bringing a one-of-a-kind experience to members and non-members, executives from the MDRT committee took the stage to share cutting-edge strategies and sales ideas for those in the life insurance and financial services business. This is the second time this globally recognized conference was held in Hong Kong since 2004. 
With Hong Kong's position as a financial center and its strategic location, the three-day event concluded with a great turnout of attendees. 

BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013
Telecommunications and wireless equipment maker  BlackBerry  was seeking the perfect host city for its 2013 BlackBerry Jam Asia developer conference. The annual event is one of three such occasions held around the world each year to provide advice and training for the application development community.
The main aim for the 2013 location was to facilitate BlackBerry's expansion efforts in Southeast Asia and China by serving as a convenient