The Importance of Deductive Reasoning

April 6, 2014
Captain E.F. Rollins

The Importance of Deductive Reasoning
The reason that it is important to understand what is known prior to making a decision is you cannot make a good decision without knowing what it is that you are deciding on. For example in Argument 2, Mark wants to lease his dream vehicle, a Jeep, and to continue to live life without considering his growing family (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Sally, on the other hand, wants to buy a van with all the bells and whistles (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Each are not considering the actual issue which is they need a reliable vehicle within their price range. Because Mark and Sally are not focused on what they should be deciding on, they will make a poor decision such as a car that is not suitable for a family or a car they cannot afford.
The role of deductive reasoning in the decision making process is it helps you determine all the important facts regarding making a decision. Argument 3 is about buying a home versus renting an apartment (University of Phoenix, n.d.). This argument outlines good reasons to buy instead of rent such as low interest rates, deduction of interest on taxes, and more privacy (University of Phoenix, n.d.). What the argument does not address is the down side to owning a home. Home repairs should be considered when weighing whether to buy or rent since some repairs can be quite costly. Also, where the home is located, whether the home is affordable and added cost of insurance and taxes in the mortgage should be deciding factors in this decision. Without taking everything in consideration, a first time buyer could end up making a huge error in their decision making process by purchasing a home they cannot afford or purchasing a home in an undesirable neighborhood.
The way the process of deductive reasoning aids in understanding an argument is by helping you separate relevant information from irrelevant information. In Argument 5 regarding whether or not to cheat, Cyndi is trying to convince Jenna that it is ok to cheat because everyone does it and everyone needs extra help sometimes (University of Phoenix, n.d.). These claims are irrelevant and not valid. What is relevant is Jenna maintaining academic honesty in submitting work that is her own (University of Phoenix, n.d.). If Jenna does not use deductive reasoning and separate the relevant from the irrelevant, she could be swayed by Cyndi to make the decision to cheat and face serious consequences like being expelled from school.

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