The Ice-Vanilla ' s Customers Statistics Report Wen Binghuan ID:133 08453 James Cook University, Singapore BU100 7 : Business Data Analysis and Interpretation 5 May 201 7 Introduction: As the nationwide sales manager of Ice-Vanilla stores, I will give a statistical report which indicated about the recent promotion program . The purpose of this report is to help CEO to clear about the sales detail and more about his customers ' preference . Further more, this report is analyzed for decision makers in which to support them make decisions more easily and accurately. Classification of Variables Data Scale of measurement Type of Variable Type of customer Nominal Qualitative Net sales Ratio Quantitative, Continuous Method of payment Nominal Qualitative Gender Nominal Qualitative Marital Status Nominal Qualitative Age Ratio Quantitative, Continuous State Nominal Qualitative According to the table, we can clearly find that there are five categories of data belongs to qualitative data out of seven. Those five kinds of data cannot be expressed as a number. Compare to these five data categories, the Net Sales and Age are the data which could be represented in the numerical way, additionally, they are also ratio scales. Both types of data are valid types of measurement, and both could be used for the purpose of consumer purchase behavior research . Types of Data Collected There are two kinds of data collection, which include cross section and time series. The cross-sectional data is collected by observing many subjects at the same point of time (Business Dictionary, 2017). By contrast, time series data is always focus on one target but during a long period of time( Wikipedia , 2017). Thus, according to the definition, the data we collected could be recognized as cross-sectional data due to the multiple targets and the specific point of time. The Descriptive Statistics on ‘ Net Sales 'MeanMedianModeStandard deviationCoefficient of VariationNet Sales138.71118.6571.5270.6951% The table shows the detailed information of net sales in Ice-Vanilla store. The coefficient of variation is used to describe the amount of variability, and it is equal to standard deviation divided by mean. From the table, we can find that the mean of net sales is 138.71 dollars and the standard deviation is 70.69 dollars, furthermore, we can calculate the coefficient of variation is 51%. T he high ratio of coefficient variation might caused by the location. According to the following table, it is easy to find there is a huge amount of revenue earned from the SA which is approximate 11473 dollars, and it is following by WA and QLD which is about 6194 dollars and 4099 dollars individually. These three state ' s revenues are much higher than the other states. Row Labels Sum of Net Sales (A$) CAT 297.84 NSW 3686.9 NT 170.424 QLD 4099.3976 SA 11473.8092 TAS 646.44 VIC 1085.4 WA 6194.1152 Grand Total 27741.326 The table of Gender and Marital Status Row Labels Female Male Grand Total Married 50 73 123 (61.5%) Single 37 40 77 (38.5%) Grand Total 87 (43.5%) 113 (56.5%) 200 From the table of gender and marital status, we can find there is little difference between the number of male and female customers. The percentage of male customers(43.5%) is a bit higher than the female customer(56.5%). However, for the marital status, the married clients almost double the single clients with 61.5% and 38.5% separately. Thus, our company ' s product is more popular for the married people. In order to earn more revenue, the Ice-Vanilla store better to design more styles for the married people. Correlation Coefficient Between ‘ age " and ‘ net sales ' The correlation coefficient is calculated to represent the linear interdependence of two variables.(Investopedia, 2017) In the data, the correlation coefficient between age and net sales is 0.015156 which is close 0. Thus, there is no correlation between age and net sales. Types of Credit Card used According to the bar chart above, there are 4 kinds of payment method that customer would like to use, which include AMEX, MasterCard, Priority Club Card and Visa. It is easy to find that priority club card is the most popular one with 122 which occupied more than a half. Thus, the promotion of Ice-Vanilla store is very