The hospitality industry:
One of the fast growing, largest and dynamic industries in the world

High turnover is one of the biggest problem in hospitality industry and it is the top complaint of the executive housekeepers:
"Employee turnover is an endemic issue in hospitality industry..." said by a French Hotel General Manager (Frank, 2015)

Causes of turnover in housekeeping department
Low wages
The benefits are not attractive
Little opportunity for career promotion
Do not like working in weekends
Public perception of this "dirty job" (negative impression) housekeepers do not respect their work bad attitude
Physical demands of the job (the risk of injury)

Ways to solve it:
1. increase in wages
2. offer a better package
3. education for the general public cleaning is a must for community health
4. professional job that needs hard work and dedication and time management skills, interpersonal skills
5. Conduct an exit survey & interview for voluntarily-leave employees understand the reasons of leaving the hotel & the problems exist in the hotel ↑ hiring standards (right people)
6. Enhance recognition respect for themselves and the work they do.
7. Communicate with housekeepers affect the culture of the housekeeping department
8. motivates and inspires her staff is through periodic staff meetings discuss the daily operational things such as giving suggestions for improvement, conducing in-services and asking employees of their feelings and ideas

Approaches available to solve turnover problem in housekeeping department:
Job enrichment
Realistic job review
Performance management

contemporary solutions towards high labour turnover rate in hospitality industry
realistic job preview, job enrichment and compensation