Daniel Kang
Ms. Menard
Honors English 8
12 February 2014
The Food Fight
A long, long time ago, in a time even before the fearsome dinosaurs, there was food living on the Earth. Talking food. The food was divided into 2 main categories: the divine fruits and the extravagant vegetables. These two groups lived together happily and as a big joyous family. They caught food such as fish together, ate together, and even slept together. There was only one frustrating problem; the weather was always searing hot. There were always complaints among the fruits and vegetables about the hotness.
An apple would say, “It’s so hot, I’m going to dry all up!” And a piece of broccoli would say, “It’s so hot I’m going to get steamed!”
Still, the fruits and vegetables got on happily with life until, one day a humongous explosion followed by a mushroom cloud so tall that it touched the sky was seen and heard. A few seconds after that, everything from 10 to 20 miles from the explosion felt the forceful shockwave of the ginormous explosion.
“BOOOM!!!!” went the explosion. Then the cute baby carrots started to bawl their eyes out, “WAAAAAAAAAA!”
The fruits that were playing volleyball were blown away from their original position several yards. The leader of the fruits, Avocado Lincoln, was a handsome and strong general that had a soft center and tough and sort of greenish outer look. And the leader of the vegetables, Jefferson Garlic, who was a great manager with a small head and a grotesquely large midsection got together to have a meeting about what action they should take.
They both agreed and said, “We should go and see what it was.”
The next day, Avocado Lincoln rounded up the strongest and the fittest of the fruits and Jefferson Garlic rounded up the most ferocious and fat vegetables. They were setting out on unknown territory not knowing what was out there.
They set out when the rooster crowed, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!”
The lady fruits and vegetables packed the men’s bags and loaded it with food for the journey saying, “Come back safe!” while sobbing.
As they set out, it was noticed by complaining that it was yet another hot day with the fiery sun hanging right above the foods’ heads. “It’s soooo hot!!” and “I’m going to dry up!”
Even their usually shadows were too hot to show themselves. Then suddenly, a big and thirsty monkey attacked one of the apples yelling, “Hoohoo HaHa!”
The monkey was red, blue, and white striped. To save the apple, which was ravenously getting ripped apart, the vegetables and the remaining fruits attacked the monkey and drove it off the apple. He was bitten to the core in a couple places. Lincoln had no hope for the apple.
He said to Garlic, “He’ll never make it through the journey.” The all settled down for the night so the fatally wounded apple could have some rest.
Apple was found dead but looking peaceful the next morning. Avocado Lincoln said some prayers over his body. This day also yielded another scorching hot day. This time at high noon, they crossed paths with an angry arachnid. Things did not go well for the apple named Frank. He did not get hurt fatally, but he needed rest so they had to camp out early that day. The fruits kept on getting eaten and wounded by different animals each day until on the 10th night of the journey, most of the fruits were wounded in some way and tired.
There was moaning and groaning everywhere, “Aughhhhh!” and “Ow! Ow! that hurts!”
The next day, Avocado Lincoln woke up first and saw something on the horizon. It glinted a hue he had never seen before in his life. He called it, “It was so wonderful. It was like magic!”
He woke all of fruits and veggies up and started marching to the big and shiny “thing”. As they walked towards it, it got bigger and Bigger and BIGGER until it was a towering mass of “shiny” standing right before them in a humongous crater the size of the moon. All the fruits and veggies were staring in awe at the “thing”. It looked like 2 boxes stacked one on top of the other