The face in the night
This fictional short story was based on horror, the audience can be anyone who favors a haunted story in general. This narration was based on a second person narration. The narrator started of with an anecdote ,"old man….. in the dark" to give off a humorous vibe . the indian families of the boys where described as ‘well to do" meaning they were wealthy and prosperous , and their school was called as ‘ eton of the east' where this school was being compared and referred to a high standard school in one of the Western countries. the word ‘eerie' was used to proclaim the strange and frightening sounds of the forest that night. The fact that it took mr. oliver twice the experience to have a heart attack shows that he was braver than most. The writer had made the readers feeling on the edge even though the situation was described in a quiet so often cliche manner like how the weather was gloomy , how the torch was flickering and how the mr.oliver had his heart attack just as the lamp blew out,This story is like a cliffhanger , as it doesn't display the fact that why there were people with no ears, eyes, nose or mouth.