LAM Mei Ling, Kate
GCPS 1005 (Section 12202)
Feb 18, 2016
Dr. Kimmy Cheng

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience three cultures that may soon disappear

(Attention getter & Scenario) I. Please imagine that you are a tribesman, wearing only banana leaves and living in a tree house. Every day, you are in danger of being attacked and eaten by others. Also, your culture promotes rape and murder of children. How your life will be like? Do you believe society like this really exists?
(Goodwill bond & Credibility) II. Like many of you, it is hard to believe that such cultures exist nowadays until I saw a couple of documentaries.
(Relate to audience) III. With the desire to understand the diverse world, you might also curious about the unique ways of living that are totally different from us.
(Background) IV. Actually, tribal people throughout the world are fighting to preserve their cultures against the incursion of modernization that ridicule their rights and ways of life.
(Reveal purpose) V. Today, I would like to share with you three cultures that may soon disappear.
(Preview structure) A. Cannibalism is practiced among the Korowai
B. Lip plates wearing is practiced among the Mursi
C. Rape ritual is practiced among the Samburu
(Transition) [Let\'s start by looking first at the Korowai culture with the least population.]







(Statistic) I. Cannibalism is practiced among the Korowai
A. The Korowai attack others to eat human flesh
1. Korowai are among the very few tribes believed to eat human flesh
a. A journal written by Paul Raffaele, Australian journalist who first reports the Korowai.
2. Human flesh is a dish important to their culture, like a Sunday roast or a kebab at the end of the day.
a. Flesh is steamed by an oven made from leaves and rocks. Legs, arms and ribs are cut off separately and wrapped in banana leaves.
b. Flesh tastes like Cassowary—birds like Turkey.
B. The Korowai built tress house to avoid being eaten
1. 140-foot high tree houses, deep within the rain forest are designed to protect them from attackers.
C. The Korowai lack medicine to heal their injury
1. Rain forests are full of microbes and germs that they don\'t have related knowledge.
a. When somebody dies of disease, it is mysterious to them. They believe the death is caused by a khakhua, a witch man who comes from the hell.
2. They usually die before middle age.
3. There are about 3,000 tribe members left.
(Transition) [In short, the Korowai is living in the society of fight and cannibalization. While Korowai culture promotes hurting others, there is Mursi culture promote hurting their own body. Let’s move a little bit to the west of the world to see the Mursi culture.]
II. Lip plates wearing is practiced among the Mursi





(Example) A. Wearing lip plates is a change of identity
1. To change from girl to woman
a. Lip plates wearing imply a woman as productive and ready to serve husband.
b. Teenagers start to stretch their lower lips at 13 years old.
c. Finally, the plates they wear can reach 8 to more than 20 centimeters. Some of their lower teeth have to be removed to accommodate them.
B. Wearing lip plates is an appropriate manner of women
1. To attend important ritual events
a. Weddings
b. Stick fighting competitions
2. To associate with the grace of womanhood
a. Calm
b. Quiet
c. Hardworking
d. proud
C. Wearing lip plates is a commitment to their lives
1. To serves as a reminder of a commitment to marriage
a. Women are expected to throw away their lip plates and never wear them again if their husbands die.
2. To serves as a reminder of her ties to her culture
a. The Mursi relate the holes in their lips to almost every aspect of their lives: the health of their cattle, the availability of water, the fate of their children, and so on.
( Quotation & transition) [As idiom said “Beauty is in the eye of beholder”, stretching lips is positive and significant to the Mursi, although it is considered as self-harm and unacceptable in the eyes of other cultures like us. Apart from stretching lips, there is also another practice promote rape that is considered as terrifying and unethical among other cultures. Let’s move a little bit more to the west of the world to see the rape ritual of Samburu culture.]
III. Rape ritual is practiced among the Samburu


(Metaphor) A. “Beading” is an ‘engagement’ for sexual purposes
1. A male of close family relative contact a girl\'s parents with red beads and put the necklace on the girl’s neck.
B. Necklaces is a sign of heartbreaking
1. Necklaces are not jewelry let girl being prettier, but something much darker, that can lead to rape, unwanted