The Bird

There's no doubt that Washington, DC has some of the most up and coming restaurants in the country. From its exclusive grand openings to its various featured restaurants and style, there's a restaurant for every DC foodie. The Bird, one of DC's newest restaurants is one restaurant that's taken a huge part in the DC food scene.

Restaurant owner David Winer has been in the restaurant industry for the past 16 years.

Winer is a resident of the Logan Circle neighborhood here in Washington, DC and has opened up five restaurants since his restaurant career began.

"The Bird," Winer's newest restaurant is located on 11th Street NW and has received great reviews from Washington's reviewers.

Ever since the grand opening on Halloween of 2016 he has had nothing but great feedback and success.

"It's been a struggle opening a restaurant, as any restaurant owner would know - but my customers, family, and friends keep me motivated to continue what I do," says Winer.

Winer continued, "I've opened up five restaurants…I have had struggles and different experiences with each one, but The Bird became a huge project and was actually the most challenging."

The restaurant has unique artwork inside that symbolizes different seasons. "With it getting closer to the spring we have opened up our patio and terrace recently on days when it's warm with it doubling up on our covers," said Winer.

The Bird is known for it's global cuisine, featuring food from around the world.

Chef Michael Bonk, who is also a part owner, said, "customer satisfaction is essential. We love leaving our customers satisfied from the time they walk in to the time they walk out."

Bonk says he always likes to introduce himself to the new customers so that customers know who is preparing the food.

The Bird gets most of its customers from people in the Washington, DC area who comes in more than once a week.

Manager Ben Bronstein says, "We love seeing regulars come in because we build relationships with them, and that's what keeps them coming in with our servers already knowing their order."

With The Bird's amazing artwork, crafted drinks, and most importantly the food - the restaurant ends the day with a lot of great feedback and satisfied customers.


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