Thailand market

In period 3 , we decided to entered one more market that is Thailand Market . Because Thailand \'s tariff and shipping like China and do not have many competitor . Thus we thought that we can have more market share in Thailand market . Unfortunately , we recorded -497.6 million THB net contribution in period 3 . After we analyzed the result if period 3 , we found out that the cost of goods sold of health toothpaste in home was over our expected , the total cost of goods sold was 3491.7 million THB . So in period 4 , we have changed a lot for our production . Enlarging the plant capacity and home production swift to china that made the cost of goods sold form 3491.7 million THB decline to 2890.1million THB . Finally , we got a positive net contribution in Thailand market form period 4 . As we can see that Thailand market was a unstable market for long term .During the period 6-8 , the grow margin in Thailand was decreasing continually. However , we change a little bits at allowance which was 10% turned to 6% . Drug store and hypermarket also had increase of sales . Eventually , the net contribution of Thailand was 242.9 million THB at period 10 . In conclusion , Thailand market was suitable for us that we can enjoy 38% market share and positive contribution .