Text to text and text to world connections to characters and plot
page 7-52
In terms of text to world just like in the novel people have actually gotten lost in islands. Striving to survive they have to search for food and live there for years. Just like in this book people have to stay together in order to survive.
page 53-102
Also another example of text to world would be the character Jack. Just like him there has been people who are evil and rude. Instead of helping each other and being a good leader Jack only wants power instead of uniting as one.
page 103-152
A third example of text to world would be when all the boys split up and make their own decisions. Just like them there has been real people who argue and split up in real life. Just like them they dont understand the real meaning of surviving and staying together.
page 153-202
At the end of this book Piggy and simon end up dead. I believe that a text to world connection can also be related. People who are lost in islands with no food or shelter end up dying and some causes are do to choosing their own decisions instead of uniting.